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Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards At Smile First Dental

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Mouthguards

Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards At Smile First Dental

A mouthguard, or mouth protector, is a soft and flexible device worn on teeth to protect them from harm when playing sports or engaging in fun activities.

It’s extra essential to have a mouthguard that fits well if you have braces or dental bridges or want to keep your teeth and smile safe while playing sports.

Although most people don’t think of it this way, a mouthguard is critical to any athlete’s kit at My Local Dentists Northmead.

How Helpful Can Mouthguards Be?

  • Mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries annually.
  • Without mouthguards, athletes are 60 times more likely to sustain tooth damage.
  • Each year, over 600,000 people go to the emergency room because they got hurt playing sports and hurt their teeth.
  • People who use regular mouthguards are twice as likely to get a concussion as those who wear custom-built mouthguards.

What Can Mouthguards Protect Against?

  • Mouthguards protect against cuts and bruising caused by impact.
  • Mouthguards prevent fractures or dislocations of impacted teeth.
  • Mouthguards protect the lower jaw against fracture or damage.
  • Opposing teeth are protected from contact with each other.
  • Mouthguards help reduce the likelihood of concussion. Without a mouthguard, an impact on the mouth can cause the jaws to clash violently, resulting in a concussion.
  • Mouthguards can protect against neck injuries.

Types Of Mouthguards

Mouthguards come in three general types:

#1. Stock mouthguards can be purchased over the counter in sporting goods and drug stores. These guards are pre-formed and ready to wear. Although they are the most inexpensive, they are also the worst fitting, least comfortable, and only minimally protective.

These guards are big and made from rubber or a type of plastic called polyvinyl. They can make you feel like gagging more, make it harder to talk and breathe, require your mouth to stay closed to stay put, and sometimes even hurt your teeth.

#2. Mouth-formed mouthguards are either shell liners or boil-and-bite. The former are lined with a gel or rubber that moulds to the teeth.

The boil-and-bite mouthguards are constructed from thermoplastic. They are placed in boiling water, then formed and moulded to the contours of the teeth using fingers, lips, tongue, and bite pressure.

Both mouth-formed mouthguards can be found at sporting goods and drug stores or purchased online. Even though they fit better than regular mouthguards, they are big and give different protection than ones made specifically for your mouth.

#3. Custom-fitted mouthguards that are made just for you cost more than other kinds, but they fit better, feel nicer, and keep your mouth safer.

They are manufactured based on a mould made from your teeth and sent to a dental laboratory. Custom mouthguards can be designed to your specifications. You can customise them to match a uniform, bear your name, or show your team logo.

Two Other Advantages Of Custom-Fitted Mouthguards


Research shows that custom-fitted mouthguards even improve athletic performance. How? Mouthpieces help keep athletes from high cortisol levels after their workouts, and cortisol breaks down protein. Mouthguards can also give athletes a 17% gain in extremity strength.

According to Kinesiology studies, this relaxes an athlete for a more excellent range of motion, flexibility, and balance — meaning athletic performance is improved by a mouthguard.

They save money

Expense is always a factor when considering athletic gear, which applies to custom mouthguards. In this context, it’s important to remember the possible negative consequences of generic mouthguards and the more significant risks associated with not wearing a mouthguard.

An athlete will likely suffer dental injuries (and emergency dental or medical care) without custom fit and proper protection. Given the potential cost, a custom mouthguard is a small investment against the damage of unexpected medical bills.

Taking Care Of Your Mouthguard

Like all dental appliances, custom mouthguards need a bit of care. Wash your mouthguard in lukewarm, soapy water and rinse well before and after use. Don’t chew on your mouthguard. Finally, replace it if it shows signs of age. If you get a mouthguard for a child, check each year to ensure it fits.

When children grow, their mouths and teeth grow as well, and an ill-fitting mouthguard offers less protection.

At My Local Dentists Northmead, we want to protect your teeth. So, if you or your child are athletic, talk to us about protecting your dental future with a custom-made mouthguard. You can be an excellent athlete with a fantastic smile!

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