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Root Canals

Root canals vary greatly in complexity and cost. Our team of dentists are able ensure the optimum treatment is completed by the right person in the most efficient and effective way. The newest technology is used including apex locators and rotary endodontics.



Direct tooth-coloured restorations (fillings)

stages of tooth decay

Single Canals + 2xrays – $760

Two Canals + 2xrays – $1120

Three Canals + 2xrays – $1480

Four Canals + 2xrays – $1840

Unless previously treatment planned by one of our dentists, an associated examination and/or xray fee may apply. Please see Examination prices.

A miniminum of 2 xrays are required to complete a root canal. If additional xrays are required, may incur additional costs.

These fees do not include any restorative treatment on the tooth (temporary and/or permanent)