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broken tooth repair treatments northmead

Dental damage isn’t always obvious. You may not feel pain or see a crack, but that doesn’t mean your tooth is healthy. In fact, dental cracks are one of the most common ways teeth become damaged.

Cracks can also vary in severity, from tiny fissures to large fractures that extend below the gum line.

There are numerous ways you can get a chipped or broken tooth. You may have been engaging in risky behaviour, such as playing contact sports without a mouth guard or biting on a pencil; alternatively, you might have endured an accident that brought about trauma.

Tooth decay can compromise the strength of your teeth and make them more fragile, making them easy to break.

To help you understand more about cracked teeth, we’ve put together this guide. We’ll cover the different types of cracked tooth repair. Keep reading to learn more about keeping your teeth healthy and strong. 

Dental Bonding or Dental Filling

Dental Implants in Melbourne

Dental bonding is a reliable and cost-effective solution for repairing a broken or chipped tooth or hiding ugly stains or discolouration.

During the procedure, a special liquid resin is first applied onto the broken or chipped teeth area of the patient and then sculpted by an experienced dentist to the desired shape and look.

After the desired shape and look have been achieved, a high-powered light is shone on it to harden it in place. In just one sitting, patients can see drastic results and be able to repair their broken teeth with minimal fuss. 


Onlays are an excellent option for the repair of a broken tooth. Unlike traditional fillings, which hold repair material in place with an adhesive, onlays provide a customised restorative solution by creating a repair that is bonded directly to the natural tooth structure.

Not only do onlays repair and strengthen the tooth, but they also offer aesthetic benefits since they can be constructed out of beautifully crafted porcelain. Onlays can help you protect your teeth and smile for years to come! 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to repair and improve the appearance of your smile. These thin shells are made of either porcelain or composite materials, which are then affixed to the fronts of the teeth.

They can be used to repair a broken tooth, hide discolouration, repair chipped or broken teeth, and fill in gaps between teeth, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing smile overall.

Dental veneers are designed to look natural and require minimal upkeep. Your dentist can help determine if dental veneers are an ideal choice for improving your smile. 

Dental Crown

A dental crown is an excellent way to repair a severely cracked or broken tooth. Crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth, making it look and function like a normal, healthy tooth.

Before receiving a crown, your dentist will prepare the area by trimming and reshaping the affected tooth so that the crown fits perfectly and looks natural on your smile.

Besides repair work, dental crowns can also be used to support a weakened structure or as part of a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth.

By investing in this procedure, you can get attractive and long-lasting results that will help restore your confidence in your smile. 

 Dental Implant SydneyRoot Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure designed to repair a broken or damaged tooth. This procedure involves removing the infected parts of the tooth, such as the pulp and nerve, and then filling in that area with an inert material.

The benefit of this type of intervention is that it helps restore damaged teeth, preventing infection or further damage. Your dentist will be able to explain how this repair will help you protect your smile, so you can feel confident that your teeth are healthy and strong. 

Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant

Dental implants provide a safe and effective way to repair a broken tooth and progressively improve the overall health of your mouth. Implants provide a solid foundation for replacement teeth and function just like real teeth, allowing you to eat, smile, speak, and interact with confidence.

Get Your Consultation

A broken tooth can be a dental emergency, depending on the severity of the break. If you’re in need of broken tooth repair, don’t hesitate to contact My Local Dentists Northmead (a member of the My Local Dentists Northmead group of clinics) on (02) 9630 9996 for help. We will work with you to schedule an appointment at our earliest convenience and get you started on the road to recovery.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 



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