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Oral Spring Cleaning at My Local Dentists Northmead | Dentist Northmead The daylight hours are getting longer and the weather is warming up. Spring is finally here, summer is on the way, and for many of us that means spring cleaning time!

During spring-cleaning, we clean our houses, desks, offices, and even our cars, but we neglect to think about our teeth.

Which is a shame, because the start of spring is the natural time to get your smile and oral health in tiptop condition for the summer that lies ahead.

So, at My Local Dentists Northmead, we’ve put together a non-traditional spring cleaning checklist, one for cleaning your smile and springing into better dental health!

Below are some spring cleaning tips to help clean your mouth, as well as a list of useful treatments My Local Dentists Northmead offers for spring and in the year to follow!

Tips for a dental spring-cleaning

  • Get a new toothbrush. Have you been using a toothbrush that came in your Christmas stocking? Well, Christmas was a long time ago, so it’s time to bid goodbye to these dingy, beaten-down bristles. My Local Dentists Northmead recommends that you replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Also, you should replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head if you have been ill, as you can pass diseases back to yourself through an infected toothbrush.
  • Clean Your retainer / Invisalign / night guard cases. Cleaning our Invisalign, retainers, and mouth guards), etc. is a routine part of our daily oral hygiene program. Their carrying cases, on the other hand, often sit, neglected, in on our bathroom counters. They can collect bacteria and sludge. Spring-cleaning is an opportunity to soak your cases and then give them a good scrub to clean off bacteria and debris. And if you get sick, you should always remember to scrub your retainers, guards, and cases to avoid becoming ill again.
  • Take a close look at expiration dates. Many dentists recommend a mouth rinse as part of a good daily oral hygiene routine, but mouthwash can get old and less effective. Take a look at your mouthwash bottle and if the expiration date is passed, toss it out and purchase a new bottle.
  • Upgrade equipment. Increase cleaning power by upgrading your manual toothbrush to an electric one. Electric brushes remove debris from your teeth more effectively and with less effort. Better yet, they come with cool built-in features such as automatic timers.
  • Avoid sugary spring drinks. Sugary drinks can do massive damage to your teeth. Sugar attaches to the surfaces of your mouth, creating an ideal environment for bacteria that can damage your teeth. Choose water as your spring drink of choice.

How My Local Dentists Northmead can help 

6-Month check-up, clean and scale. Regular six monthly examinations are the best form of dental prevention. This way we are able to pick up on any problems early, allowing the most options to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile.

During your scheduled checkup My Local Dentists Northmead can:

  • Check for signs of decay or breakage
  • Check existing restorations
  • Examine gums for signs of gum disease
  • Examine your tongue, throat, cheeks, and lips for indications of oral cancer (caught early, oral cancer is treatable)
  • Evaluate your jaw joint and bite

Scale and clean help you fight of the threat of plaque, tartar, and decay.

More about 6-Month check-up, clean and scale

Clean out bad breath. Bad breath can be extremely embarrassing and affect confidence and how others perceive you. Your Northmead dentist knows bad breath is a sensitive subject, and we treat it appropriately. We can help you clean out bad breath for a better smelling spring!

Bad breath solutions at My Local Dentists Northmead

Tooth whitening. Whiter teeth are like just-cleaned windows or a newly painted fence. They make a sparkling first impression. Our recommended teeth whitening procedures are professional home whitening systems and in-chair Zoom whitening.

Before you start teeth whitening, we recommend a complete checkup and clean to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to withstand the whitening process. The scale and clean will remove any surface stains and calculus, crucial for a more effective whitening result.

Teeth whitening at My Local Dentists Northmead

Clean, healthy teeth for all seasons!

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to improve your dental health, but don’t stop when spring ends! Follow the above tips for a healthier, cleaner smile in every season. To schedule a cleaning or learn more about improving your oral health, contact My Local Dentists Northmead. 

Dental Care at My Local Dentists Northmead

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Gap-free check up and clean

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