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As its name suggests, an overbite occurs when the upper front teeth fall over the lower set of front teeth.

They can lead to serious health concerns such as increased tooth deterioration and functional issues in the muscles of the jaw.

They can also pose aesthetic concerns for those looking to achieve a super smile and healthy bite.

Untreated overbites may lead to the following dental problems:

  • Bottom front teeth may harm the gums above the top front teeth
  • Speech impediments
  • May cause jaw problems
  • >Unattractive smile

Overbite Correction Treatments in Northmead

Children and Teenagers

Extraction of baby teeth to make space for permanent teeth to grow in straight

Growth modification device – helps to position the jaw

Braces – move the teeth to correct the overbite as well as the jaw

Retainers – a device used after braces that help to keep the teeth in place


Braces – move the teeth to fix an overbite

Teeth extraction – dentists try to avoid this procedure but will do this in very severe cases to allow the teeth to move

Oral surgery – jaw problems for bone-type overbites can only be corrected with surgery for adults

It’s never too late to correct your bite and your smile!

For any bite problems, visit your Northmead dentist today here at My Local Dentists Northmead.

We offer high-quality solutions to various factors that affect your smile and the aesthetics of your teeth.

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