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best solutions for missing teeth in Northmead - Northmead dentist There is no need for you to suffer the consequences of tooth loss. A one-day consultation with your dentist can make a difference for someone who’s troubled about having missing teeth.

Missing just one or more of your precious, natural teeth can affect your dental care and daily routine. From cleaning your teeth to eating the foods you like and showing your smile to others – these simple tasks can be made harder if your smile is not complete anymore.

The good news is there are a variety of dental procedures designed to address the issues of missing teeth effectively and successfully, thanks to modern dentistry.

Missing teeth can be easily replaced with replacement teeth that are made to match the shade as closely as possible of your biological teeth. Your Northmead dentist may suggest several options, which may depend on your needs and lifestyle.

Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Non-Implant Options:

Bridges – for one or two missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. This restorative treatment consists of two crowns, which are placed on your existing teeth to fill the space of a missing tooth. The false tooth in the middle of the crowns will serve as your new tooth. This type of dental bridge is called tooth-supported bridge.

The adhesive bridge, on the other hand, involves wings that are bonded to the back of your supporting teeth. Your dentist will help you determine which type of bridge is the best option for you. Dental bridges can last for seven to 15 years, with proper care and maintenance.

Dentures – this treatment can range from partial dentures to full dentures as well as temporary. Dentures are removable false teeth considered as the most popular and cost-effective solution for missing teeth.

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, you can be a good candidate for removable partial dentures. However, if you have already lost all your teeth, your dentist may offer removable complete (full) dentures. Temporary dentures are fitted on the same day that your teeth are extracted so you can wear them right away. Once your jaws and gums become stable, your dentist can then fit your permanent denture or bridge.

Implant Options:

Implant-supported Bridge – this is similar to a regular dental bridge; however, it is supported by implants and not by your natural teeth. To support the bridge, one implant is surgically inserted in the jawbone for every missing tooth. The crowns are attached to each other to shape up one piece. An implant-supported bridge is used if you’re missing one to several teeth in a row and provides improved stability as one of its benefits.

Implant-supported Dentures – this is a type of overdenture supported by and affixed to implants. It is used for patients who don’t have any teeth in the jaw but should have enough bone in the jaw in order to support the implants. Implant-supported dentures are secured in place so you can eat, speak and smile with confidence. It also provides a better fit as the prosthetic connected to implants is customised to fit over to your gums.

Dental Implants – consists of metal rod (titanium) and crown, implants are excellent options as they don’t harm adjacent teeth. This treatment is considered to be the next best thing to your own natural teeth. The procedure may take months of oral surgery and healing. The best candidates for dental implants are patients with healthy teeth and gums and have limited missing teeth. Dental implants is a superior tooth replacement methodology that can last at least twenty years.

Which Missing Teeth Treatment Option to Choose in Northmead?

If you have missing teeth, consult your Northmead dentist for the right treatment as early as possible. Tooth loss can lead to various oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and dental bone loss. Seeking the right treatment for your missing teeth problem will not only help improve your oral health but also your overall appearance. My Local Dentists Northmead is comprised of skilled dental professionals who will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and recommend the most suitable option that will fit your needs. Our high-quality restorative treatments deliver great and long-term results to fill the gaps in your smile.

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