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Cosmetic Dentistry for Celebrity-like Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry for Celebrity-like Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry for Celebrity-like SmilesYou might wonder why famous stars including magazine models exudes too much confidence upon striking their stunning beam. One of the reasons could be their beautiful smile, of course. Cosmetic dentistry is a bridge towards significant improvement for the appearance of your teeth.

Given that minor or major discrepancies in your teeth may cause you to feel some discomforts, cosmetic dentistry clears the cloud through giving appropriate solutions that will certainly meet your needs.

Gleaming Smiles Made Possible by Cosmetic Dentistry

Compared to cosmetic dentistry, ordinary dental treatments only involve your teeth’s health condition. Also, your dentist will provide guidelines on how you can properly preserve the wellbeing of your teeth. As with cosmetic dentistry, it has fully advanced to a certain kind of treatment that deals with both function and beautification of your teeth.

Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care this Valentine’s Day

Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care As we are all getting settled into the New Year, Valentine’s Day is once again around the corner. Candy, cards, and teddy bears are littering grocery stores and shop windows. And this Valentine’s Day it’s not just your loved ones that you should be thinking about.

Spend a little time this February showing your teeth some love and it will come back to you. Valentine’s Day is all about kisses and candy, and both kisses and candy are all about your mouth!

And on Valentine’s Day, by improving your dental health and shining smile, you could have a more kissable mouth, with teeth in better condition. So, we here at My Local Dentists Northmead, are happy to offer you these words of advice as Valentine’s Day arrives!

The Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Do you look in the mirror and see darker stained teeth when you smile? Well you’re not alone. Unfortunately the passage of time and our love of coffee, tea, and red wine means that as we get older our teeth become less white, less dazzling, and less attractive. But the good news is that this can often be reversed.

The Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth Loss And Its Consequences When children’s deciduous teeth fall off, it does not usually cause a huge concern. Baby teeth will always give ways for the growth of the permanent ones. However, when adults lose their permanent teeth, it becomes an entirely different story.

Losing a permanent tooth can be natural, especially as you become older. Tooth loss can also be due to a number of factors such as: genetics, general health pproblems, dental and oral health issues, excessive too wear, or even trauma caused by unfortunate accidents.

Having missing teeth causes significant changes in the appearance of your smile. Instead of being nice and elegant, other might see your smile as funny or even unpleasant. Moreover, tooth loss does not only affect the aesthetic quality of your smile. It can also create certain disturbances in other aspects of your life in general. Truth is, if not given proper attention, tooth loss can be so much worse than it looks.

Other Consequences Of Tooth Loss

When a tooth has been knocked out from its rightful place, the remaining teeth shift towards the direction of the space where the tooth used to be. This shift leads to changes in the bone that provides support for your facial structures. As a result, your face would appear much older than your actual age.

4 Useful Dental Tips for Pregnant Women

4 Dental Strategies for Pregnant Women Infographic | Dentist Northmead

Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time in a woman’s life, but pregnant women should be certain to take care of their dental health for themselves and their babies.

The good news is that most routine treatment is safe during pregnancy, though during the first 3 months some procedures and medications should be avoided.

The most important thing is to be sure that your My Local Dentists Northmead dentist knows you are pregnant and how far along you are.

Keeping Children Smiling: Child Dental Benefits Extended For 2017!

Keeping Children Smiling- Child Dental Benefits Extended For 2017! - northmead dentist Good news for children, and their parents/guardian who are eligible under the Children’s Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). The CDBS has been extended through 2017!

CDBS provides children with basic dental services. Starting on January first 2017, dental services up to $1,000 can be given over two consecutive calendar years. The two-year cap period starts when a patient first receives an eligible dental service.

My Local Dentists Northmead is a proud supporter of CDBS and encourages parents to take advantage of it. You can’t begin supporting your child’s oral health too early!

New terms and conditions are in place for 2017. Consequently if you have any questions we ask that you contact us on (02) 9630 9996 for information or an appointment.