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Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care this Valentine’s Day

Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care As we are all getting settled into the New Year, Valentine’s Day is once again around the corner. Candy, cards, and teddy bears are littering grocery stores and shop windows. And this Valentine’s Day it’s not just your loved ones that you should be thinking about.

Spend a little time this February showing your teeth some love and it will come back to you. Valentine’s Day is all about kisses and candy, and both kisses and candy are all about your mouth!

And on Valentine’s Day, by improving your dental health and shining smile, you could have a more kissable mouth, with teeth in better condition. So, we here at My Local Dentists Northmead, are happy to offer you these words of advice as Valentine’s Day arrives!

The Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Do you look in the mirror and see darker stained teeth when you smile? Well you’re not alone. Unfortunately the passage of time and our love of coffee, tea, and red wine means that as we get older our teeth become less white, less dazzling, and less attractive. But the good news is that this can often be reversed.

Which Teeth Whitening Option is best for you?

Which Teeth Whitening Option is best for youDifferent teeth whitening products seem to overwhelm consumers nowadays. From whitening toothpastes to tray-based whiteners, everyone can simply whiten their teeth at home by buying these products from stores or online.

As the advancements in cosmetic dentistry continue, so does teeth whitening. They have evolved so much, allowing you to choose from a wide range of options and products that are available to you.

So, which type of teeth whitening products should you use? Before making any decision, you need to understand that certain treatments may not be suitable for your needs and preferences.

Facts to Consider with Teeth Whitening

Stain Removal or Bleaching – there’s a difference between achieving a bright white smile and wanting to get rid of discoloured stains. Which of the two are you trying to attain? If you simply want a bright smile, a good quality take-home kit or laser whitening will do. If you have localised tooth stains, you may need to choose from the more expensive options since ordinary tooth whitening will be unable to remove individual stains.

The Kind of Toothpaste your Teeth Needs

The Kind of Toothpaste your Teeth NeedsToothpastes are innovative and handy solutions created to enhance the oral health of many people. Without them, brushing of teeth might be less exciting and efficient.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of toothpastes available at leading drugstores and supermarkets. Your only job is to pick the one you are most comfortable with or the one that satisfy the needs of your teeth.

Toothpaste Variations

There are four common types of toothpaste you can usually see at the bay of grocery stands and on advertisements. These are:

3 Different Types Of Tooth Discolouration

Every day, your teeth are exposed to factors that gradually take away their natural radiance.

3 Different Types Of Tooth DiscolourationOver time, your teeth get stained and become yellowish. This can have huge negative implications on the beauty of your smile.

In turn, this will decrease your self-esteem as you will always be anxious and ashamed of the appearance of your teeth. These are serious consequences which would make things more difficult for you.

If you do not want to lose the brilliance of your smile, then it is essential for you to know more about the different kinds of factors that eventually lead to tooth discolouration. Doing so will equip you with the right knowledge so that you can protect your precious teeth from those unpleasant stains.

Here are some details on the 3 different types of Tooth Discolouration so that you can effectively prevent them from taking away your bright, pearly white teeth.