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General Dentistry Articles

Tooth Anatomy: Discover the Parts of your Teeth

Tooth Anatomy- Discover the Parts of your TeethNothing is more beautiful and comfortable than having a healthy set of teeth. You can smile contentedly, eat the food you want, and speak properly without any issues around your mouth. That’s because your teeth play an important role in your life and can impact your overall health.

Teeth help you to bite and chew food so it can be swallowed and digested properly. It also forms the words you speak so you can talk properly. Most of all, the presence of your pearly whites provide a form to your face and mouth.

Teeth are in fact more important than what you think. Knowing what they are made of let you understand the significance of their role and function in your overall oral health.

The Kind of Toothpaste your Teeth Needs

The Kind of Toothpaste your Teeth NeedsToothpastes are innovative and handy solutions created to enhance the oral health of many people. Without them, brushing of teeth might be less exciting and efficient.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of toothpastes available at leading drugstores and supermarkets. Your only job is to pick the one you are most comfortable with or the one that satisfy the needs of your teeth.

Toothpaste Variations

There are four common types of toothpaste you can usually see at the bay of grocery stands and on advertisements. These are:

Best Reminders for Brushing Baby Teeth

Best Reminders for Brushing Baby TeethCleaning your baby’s first set of teeth is a good start to promote healthy teeth and gums.

This set of teeth may be small yet they have a huge role when your child grows up. Without the complete set of teeth, your child may experience difficulties in speaking clearly and chewing foods.

Even they are not yet teething, the gums also must receive the proper treatment and care it deserve as it is the foundation for upcoming baby teeth.

The Right Time to Brush Baby Teeth

If your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, clean their gums using a soft moistened washcloth. Do this after their feeding time and before you lay them to bed at night.

Discovering Oral Health Issues with Dental X-rays

Discovering Oral Health Issues with Dental X-raysThere are dental problems that can’t be determined with an oral exam alone. Because of this, your dentist might need to conduct dental x-rays for individual diagnosis. Also, if you switch to a new dentist, your new dentist will apply this procedure to get an accurate image of your dental health and familiarise the appearance of your teeth.

Dental X-rays help your dentist foresee disorders of the teeth and its surrounding tissue. X-rays also assist the dentist in finding and treating dental issues before they can develop further, which helps you save money, stressful discomfort, and possibly even your life.

Procedures for Dental X-rays

1.When the dental x-ray passes through the mouth, teeth and bones are the ones you will absorb more ray than gums and tissues. Thus, teeth appear lighter on the concluding x-ray image.