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Here’s a 2 minutes and 08 seconds Dry Mouth: The Common yet Undesirable Oral Problem video. See full transcript below.

Dry mouth lets you experience that constant urge to consume lots of water. Due to this condition, you may also have some problems in swallowing, chewing and even talking properly. Tooth decay happens quickly when you have dry mouth.

Saliva keeps your mouth healthy and clean through washing away mouth bacteria. Thus, if you do not have enough saliva, bacteria could exist to damage your teeth.

People, who have dry mouth, must engage with their dental checkups more often. Teeth and mouth problems are more likely to occur if you have this kind of condition.

Through everyday brushing and flossing, you can get rid of the food particles and bacteria. Keeping your mouth and throat hydrated all day help ease your discomforts with dry mouth.

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