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Here’s a 2 minutes and 37 seconds Why Soft Drinks are Bad for Tooth Enamel video. See full transcript below.

Nowadays, consuming soft drinks is like a ritual that people are used to doing every day. Every time the throat gets thirsty, instead of grabbing water, fizzy and sugary drinks are the most preferred by most people.

They might be real delicious to your taste buds, but the risk of consuming them daily or frequently is truly a bad news. In the long run, damage on tooth enamel will slowly show up and cause dental problems that will certainly encourage you to visit the dental office.

Tooth decay happens once sugar combines with mouth bacteria and produces acid. And when you consume soft drinks, you are increasing the acids that have a primary intention of simply harming your teeth.

Minimising your acidic drinks intake accompanied by dental checkups and proper oral hygiene will help you prevent the manifestation of various tooth erosion and many others.

Soft drinks do not only deliver threats to your teeth. Since it is an unhealthy beverage that is loaded with sugar and other additives, it can also lead you to diabetes and other health problems.

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