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Today's Dental Health Compared To That In The Stone Age The prevalence of dental health anomalies continues to be the problem to this day and age. Despite the substantial progress in our approaches when it comes to dealing with these concerns, our dental health in general is continuously at risk. In fact, a survey reveals that 75 per cent of adults wish they took better care of their teeth and gums. Only 11 per cent of the population rate their oral wellness as excellent.

Have you ever wondered how our current situation compares to dental health back in the stone-age? The answers are most likely to surprise you.

In order to make this comparison, a team of researchers from all over the world examined genetic materials that had been preserved in tartar found on prehistoric human skeletons. The researchers used these samples to get a better understanding of how oral bacteria changed throughout history, from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

According to the lead author, by analysing the genetic material found in plaque, they were able to create records of how dietary choices and other relevant factors impact the overall status of our ancestors’ dental and oral health.

The Diversity Of Oral Bacteria

The results of the study show that oral bacteria in the Stone Age samples were more diverse. The researchers saw a dramatic decline in this diversity as time progressed. According to the researchers, this decline in the diversity oral health bacteria is closely linked to the change in the diet of human beings.

The modern diet has significantly affected the composition of bacterial population in the mouth. Since the Industrial Revolution, wherein processed flour and sugar were introduced, the oral bacteria have existed in a permanent disease state. As a result, people today have become more vulnerable to dental and oral health problems compared to those in the Stone Age.

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Despite the dietary factors that make our teeth and gums very vulnerable to unwanted dental anomalies, the significant body of advancements seen by modern dentistry is more than enough to help people ensure optimal oral health conditions.

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