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Here’s a 3 minutes and 13 seconds Dentist Northmead: Keeping Your Toothbrush From Bacterial Contamination video. See full transcript below.

Your toothbrush is a vital tool when it comes to upholding utmost dental and oral health. Then again, it can actually make you more prone to threats to your dental, oral, and overall wellness.

Research reveals that your toothbrush can be contaminated with a number of different types of microorganisms.

Oral bacteria can stick to the bristles after you brush your teeth, and worse, intestinal bacteria can reach your toothbrush via the microscopic droplets from the toilet which are released during flushing or your own hand especially if you do not wash your hands before you use your toothbrush.

In order to help you make sure that your toothbrush is free from bacterial contamination, here are a few simple tips from your trusted Northmead dentist. First, wash your hands before you handle your toothbrush.

Also, rinse it with potable water before and after brushing your teeth. In addition, it has also been found that soaking it in antibacterial mouth rinse helps in reducing the growth of bacteria in the bristles.

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Dentist Northmead: Keeping Your Toothbrush From Bacterial Contamination

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