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Implementing proper oral hygiene shouldn’t start when your teeth are complete and fully-grown. As soon as the first tooth pops up, parents must apply the appropriate oral care routine to their young children.

Baby teeth are very important. They are already susceptible to decay; thus tooth decay prevention should be taken right away.

Baby bottle tooth decay is a leading oral health issue for children under 3 years old. This happens when your child frequently consumes sweetened beverages during their sleep. Sucking the bottle for hours allow the sugar to run over the baby’s upper front teeth, which causes decay that leads to infection.

If your child is exposed to sugary drinks for an extended period of time, your baby’s teeth and mouth will acquire a greater damage. Treatment for severe early childhood caries is highly expensive.

Being responsible for what your child eats or drinks is important. Helping your child prevent baby bottle tooth decay lets them experience a better childhood phase without undergoing the complications of speaking and eating problems as well as crooked and damaged teeth.

Here at My Local Dentists Northmead, we offer comprehensive Preventative Care to help babies and adults avoid the threats of tooth decay. Through this excellent treatment, one can experience high-quality oral health for life.

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