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Discomfort and sensitivity are common after filling a tooth. For this reason, your Northmead dentist will give you instructions regarding taking care of your new filling so you can stay safe and guided all throughout the recovering process of your filled tooth.

To reduce the discomfort you are about to experience following the procedure, simply follow the given instructions that involve food restrictions, and then you can gradually consume solid foods when your recovery is complete.

You may find that your teeth became sensitive to hot and cold foods within the days after your procedure. It is because your dentist has scraped and drills the decay out of the tooth so as to stop additional decay. It makes your filled tooth sensitive due to the changes in its composition and the filling material that was used.

In addition, it’s not also advisable to consume sticky and hard foods when you have a newly filled tooth or teeth. If these kinds of food are not even suitable for untreated tooth, how much more to a treated one?

Though it is best to have a dental filling, the greatest still would be no dental filling at all because it only means that you have a healthy set of teeth, and you’re very committed to your dental care. For best-quality tooth fillings, consult your dental care partners here at My Local Dentists Northmead. We offer comprehensive dental procedures so you can regain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.

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