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Here’s a 3 minutes and 04 seconds Promoting Oral Cancer Awareness in Sydney video. See full transcript below.

Oral cancer patients have been gradually increasing in Australia. Based on statistics, Oral cancers in Australia account for approximately 2-3% of all cancers*. On the other hand, it is disheartening to know that few people in the society are mindful about the identity of this disease. A new survey conducted to over thousands of individuals showed that there has been an inadequate information and familiarity of this destructive condition.

There’ s still a declining rate of survival among oral cancer patients even though there are ample modes of advanced treatment available. Dental experts say that there should be an immediate urge in letting the society recognize the emergence and prevention of oral cancer.

As what the researchers suggested, you must quickly go to the dental clinic for a thorough oral health check-up once you observe something unusual inside your mouth. In addition to this, dentists are the only ones who can educate you regarding the early symptoms and risk factors of oral cancer.

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Promoting Oral Cancer Awareness in Sydney

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*REFERENCE: https://www.ada.org.au/