How to Take Care of yourself after Root Canal TreatmentRoot canal treatment, also referred to as endodontics, is a dental procedure done when the dental pulp becomes infected due to decay or injury. When the tooth has darkened in colour, it only indicates that the nerve of the tooth has died. For this reason, one is required to have root canal treatment. If the procedure is not performed, the infection will spread and damage the tooth totally.

After the procedure, the tooth becomes weak and sensitive, that is why your dentist may require you to have a crown or filling to strengthen the tooth. But first, it is important that you are aware of what to expect and what are the useful aftercare tips you should do following root canal treatment.

What to Expect after Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth may give you discomforts or exhibits a dull pain right after the root canal therapy. The tooth will be sensitive when biting and could appear to feel loose. This feeling must be experienced temporarily.