Presenting Tongue Cleaning to Child’s Oral HealthAs children grow up, it is important that you start teaching them the basics and importance of tongue cleaning. Brushing and flossing the teeth is good, but combining these two with tongue cleaning is even superior for an impeccable oral hygiene.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Tongue?

This is the first question that your kids might ask you when you tell them to clean their tongue. They could be used to tooth brushing but not scraping of tongue. The white film found on the surface of the tongue must be scraped away for it can cause unwanted conditions in the body. Here are the main reasons you can tell them on why tongue cleaning is also a must for their vulnerable oral health:

  • Get rids of bad breath
  • Improves taste buds for better food tasting
  • Prevents body from reabsorbing toxins
  • Good for their delicate teeth and gums
  • Upholds overall oral wellbeing