This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Teeth Some Loving Care As we are all getting settled into the New Year, Valentine’s Day is once again around the corner. Candy, cards, and teddy bears are littering grocery stores and shop windows. And this Valentine’s Day it’s not just your loved ones that you should be thinking about.

Spend a little time this February showing your teeth some love and it will come back to you. Valentine’s Day is all about kisses and candy, and both kisses and candy are all about your mouth!

And on Valentine’s Day, by improving your dental health and shining smile, you could have a more kissable mouth, with teeth in better condition. So, we here at My Local Dentists Northmead, are happy to offer you these words of advice as Valentine’s Day arrives!

The Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

Do you look in the mirror and see darker stained teeth when you smile? Well you’re not alone. Unfortunately the passage of time and our love of coffee, tea, and red wine means that as we get older our teeth become less white, less dazzling, and less attractive. But the good news is that this can often be reversed.