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Here’s a 3 minutes and 17 seconds 7 Common Foods that Promote Tooth Enamel Erosion video. See full transcript below.

Not all healthy foods are also healthy for your teeth. For instance, lemons and other citrus fruits, as well as herbal teas, were found to erode dental enamel. Frequent intake of foods and products that contain acid will ultimately damage the tooth enamel and expose the dentine underneath. Hence, your tooth can become susceptible to decay and sensitivity.

The effects of tooth enamel erosion are irreversible because the cells don’t have the ability to fix themselves. On the other hand, the damaged enamel can be treated with dental filling or crowns, depending on your condition. For the treatments to be totally effective, you must also visit your dental team regularly to detect the problem early and identify the right treatment including the cause of the tooth erosion. By visiting your dentist, you’ll be able to know what methods you can do to further prevent the effects of dental erosion.

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7 Common Foods that Promote Tooth Enamel Erosion

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