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Dental Amalgam Fillings: Know the Effects on Health and Environment

According to studies, humans consume 10% of the world’s mercury, and dental practices are among the largest consumers of this substance globally. Dental offices are also considered to be the largest source of mercury in waterways. The 50% liquid that is in silver fillings can end up in the environment through burial and cremation. Moreover, people can also absorb mercury as it is vaporised easily from the mouth into the body. Tremors and kidney toxicity are some of the symptoms that a person could experience. Thus, nowadays numerous countries are phasing out the use of mercury in silver amalgam fillings.

Health experts who believed about the adverse effects and risks of dental amalgam suggest that avoid having new silver fillings, particularly if you are planning to get pregnant, already bearing a child or breastfeeding as well as allowing your child to have their teeth restored with dental amalgam. Furthermore, if you are planning to remove or replace your dental amalgam, talk to your dental team first so you know they are knowledgeable about the right safety protocols of removing the amalgam fillings.

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