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Here’s a 2 minutes and 22 seconds Overbite: The Importance of Correcting the Bite video. See full transcript below.

Overbite is a very common dental problem that many people are unable to detect since their overbite is not that serious enough to get dental assistance. There are two main types of overbites; these are dental and skeletal. A dental overbite can be treated and corrected by treatments such as orthodontic braces. As with skeletal overbite, it is skeletal in nature and frequently refers to the upper jaw that protrudes outward noticeably.

Overbite Correction is important since it will provide you straighter teeth, an improved bite, a more attractive smile, most of all, healthier teeth and gums. In addition, an enhanced facial appearance boosts your self-esteem and confidence in social situations.

A bad bite can hinder with chewing and speaking including worn tooth enamel, additional stress on supporting bone and gum tissue, as well as earaches, headaches and jaw problems. These issues may worsen and call for additional dental care and expenses if not treated immediately. That is why orthodontic correction will not only enhance your smile but also help you save money in a long term.

If you feel any discomfort with your bite and jaw, see your Northmead dentist to know if you have an overbite. Your trusted oral care partners here at My Local Dentists Northmead offer a comprehensive range of professional dental treatments to improve the aesthetics of your teeth so you can be comfortable and satisfied with your smile and look. Through our top-notch treatments and outstanding expertise, we can uphold your overall oral health wellness so as to give you a better quality of life.

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Overbite: The Importance of Correcting the Bite

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