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Here’s a 1 minutes and 54 seconds The 7 Most Typical Causes of A Toothache video. See full transcript below.

Tooth decay is often the main reason for a toothache. However, visiting your dentist for a comprehensive oral examination is important so you can determine the underlying cause of your toothache.

Most common causes of toothache involve infection, gum disease, teeth grinding and tooth trauma. Toothache also indicates that you may have a cavity or advanced periodontal disease.

Treating toothache varies with the real cause of the pain that is why your dentist will examine your mouth and may perform X-ray for identifying the issue. Treatments may include removal of broken filling, root canal treatment, or tooth extraction.

If the causes of toothache are numerous, then you also have numerous ways to prevent this painful and uncomfortable dental problem. Maintain proper oral hygiene daily through brushing your teeth using fluoride toothpaste, use dental floss for cleaning in between teeth, reduce intake of acidic and sugary foods and avoid smoking.

To get successful and effective prevention program against dental health complications, ensure to visit your Northmead dentist once or twice a year for routine checkups of your mouth, teeth and gums.

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The 7 Most Typical Causes of A Toothache

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