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It’s a hard task to uphold the health of your teeth and gums daily to avoid certain oral health problems. On the other hand, many people nowadays are somewhat unmindful about their oral wellbeing and keep on doing things that can wreck their teeth.

Nowadays, it’s been a trend to consume sports drinks even though the person is not into sports, as long as one is thirsty, grabbing a bottle of sports drinks is not guilt anymore. On the other hand, dentists are becoming worried regarding the impact it can bring to the dental health of consumers especially the teenagers.

Tooth decay would probably be the most common tooth problem most dental experts encounter among patients attending their office. This could be due to the lifestyle of people, particularly with their diet, the kind of foods and beverages they consume in a day. Dental erosion is one of the many causes of tooth decay.

Based on research, sports drinks can provide more damage to enamel than sodas, juices and energy drinks do. Compared to others, sports drinks, aside from water and energy-giving ingredients, have high sugar content and citric acid, which are known to erode the enamel and dentin significantly.

With long-term use, the teeth get weak and are susceptible to decay. To prevent this, you must lessen your sugary drinks intake, choose for healthier foods and drink more water instead.

To keep your teeth for longer and avoid dental erosion that will lead to tooth decay, visit your trusted Northmead dentist today.

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