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Wisdom Tooth Removal: How to Recover Faster?

In the first two days after your wisdom tooth removal, you are likely to experience swelling and pain. Usually, it is rare that complications can happen such as poor recovery of the tooth socket or injury to a nerve. Thus, it is crucial to take it easy for few days after the operation. You can help yourself to recover quickly right after the extraction.

Take your medications such as painkillers and antibiotics to reduce any pain you’re experiencing. Don’t stress your body too much by doing strenuous activities. Eat foods that are gentle on mouth and avoid drinking hot beverages, as well as alcoholic drinks.

To clean your mouth, you can use salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash after 24 hours. Rinse gently and slowly drizzle the liquid out from your mouth. After few days, you can then do your usual oral hygiene routine and get everything back to normal.

With the help of your oral care partners here at My Local Dentists Northmead, we can provide you with post-operative instructions so as to help you deal with your recovery after the surgery.

Our dental team will make sure that you stay comfortable during the procedure using our first-rate dental tools and equipment to make it easier for you to achieve healthy teeth condition afterwards.

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