Less Sugar Intake, Less Tooth DecayEven though people have put in extra attention to dental and oral wellness today, tooth decay continues to rank as one of the most common chronic illnesses.

In a study that was conducted worldwide, it was found that tooth decay has a global prevalence of 35 per cent. Here in Australia, up to 30 per cent of adults have untreated tooth decay.

In order to provide a means to solve this concern, it would be beneficial to address its causes first. One of the major contributors that should be tackled would be sugar consumption. Bacteria in your mouth feed off the sugars from the sweets that you and your children enjoy. As a result, plaque builds up and releases acids that damage the teeth.

For this reason, experts suggest that the sugar consumption will have to be always in check.

WHO’s Reminders On Sugar Intake

So as to address the harm that can be brought about by unregulated sugar intake, the World Health Orgnisation (WHO) established a set of guidelines. According to this, sugars should only sum up to 10 per cent of total energy intake. This is an equivalent of 50 grams of sugar in a day. Furthermore, WHO reiterates that the daily target should only be 5 per cent or 25 grams for a day.